UPDATE: Brexit has been delayed again. Brexit now extended to 31 October 2019

This means that the UK is still an EU member state, for the time being. There are no taxes to pay in customs when you order, if your shipping address is in the European Union

Minifree has been exporting laptops to the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil and many other non-EU countries for years, without any issues. We ship all over the world. A lot of our customers are in the EU, so prices are in EUR by default. This will not change.

On March 29th 31 October 2019, the UK officially leaves the EU (Minifree is located in the UK). This means that the UK will no longer be part of the EU customs union. What does this mean?

Here’s what will happen after March 29th31 October 2019 (the day Brexit happens):

  • Minifree charges British VAT at 20% for goods shipped to the UK only.
  • Minifree charges 0% British VAT to EU and other customers. In other words, EU customers will no longer pay VAT to Minifree. (Countries outside the UK/EU already pay 0% VAT, and this will not change)

UPS will charge import VAT instead (it’s different per country. E.g. in the Netherlands it’s 21%). So all that changes is that you pay VAT to your own government, instead of the UK government. UPS will send you an invoice in the mail. You pay the invoice and then they will release and deliver your items. You can pay UPS in cash at the door or at the depot, or you can pay them via internet/telephone via your debit/credit card.

Shipments will continue to arrive smoothly, and quickly. You will not have to fill in any customs paperwork, since this is automated by UPS (Minifree handles the customs paperwork for you).

SEPA transactions will still work. Payments to Minifree will continue to work perfectly. Everything will be exactly the same as before. Minifree payments are made via wire transfer, to an IBAN number and this is an international standard not specific to the EU.

Also, Minifree is already cheaper than its major competitors. Almost all of our stock comes from within the UK, so a weaker GBP currency rate will not affect us in any way (since we do not import anything). This will not change after Brexit. We will continue to provide high quality products and services at a low price 🙂

Brexit will *benefit* EU Minifree customers greatly:

  • *Some* items such as stickers and USB flash drives may even be cheaper, since these are low value items (items below a certain value, e.g. 30 EUR, often don’t attract import VAT at all. This differs for each EU country).
  • EU businesses will no longer have to provide their VAT number, making trade much easier
  • Most EU countries have lower rates of VAT than the UK. So the price you pay will drop
  • Weaker value of the British Pound will cut Minifree’s costs, since Minifree only exports (Minifree can use the resulting profits to subsidize costs). This will lead to slight price cuts on Minifree, which is good for you, the customer (for UK customers, the price remains approximately identical) — or we keep prices the same, and donate more to the FSF

Bottom line: Everything you hear in the news is nonsense. Most businesses will continue to operate just fine after Brexit, whether they are UK companies trading with the EU, or EU companies trading with the UK. The only people panicking are the EU commissioners and the huge multi-national corporations that will start to become more accountable to the public after Brexit. And also the British MEPs who will lose their jobs.

Don’t panic 🙂

Brexit is a good thing for everyone (except the EC and ECB, who wield illegitimate power anyway) (if it will still happen, that is. There’s always the possibility that our equally corrupt politicians will cancel it altogether).