Retro Gaming Consoles

Here I sell retro gaming systems that I have professionally refurbished; this includes trace repair, replacing fuses, capacitors etc where necessary… and so on. Shipping worldwide from my lab in the UK!

I additionally perform several enhancement modifications; removal of copy/region protection, optimization of the video outputs for modern HDTVs/upscalers and a whole host of improvements. Read the product pages for more information. My motivation with these console mods is to preserve these retro systems as much as possible, making them last a great many more years for those with childhood nostalgia or for newer generations of gamers that want to experience gaming as we did when we were kids. I, Leah Rowe, am a passionate retrogamer.

In addition to pre-modded consoles on sale, you can also send your existing console to me and I’ll mod it for you. See:

Products on sale are as follows:

PSIO installation for PS1. Boot games from SD card!

Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) with 21-wire modbo4 stealth modchip. Boot games burned to CD-R/DVD-R, import games or write your own PS2 games and test on real hardware!

Sony Playstation (PS1) with 8-wire MultiMode3 stealth modchip, dual PAL/NTSC oscillators and clean CSYNC. Boot games burned to CD-R, import games or write your own PS1 games and test on real hardware!NOW WITH PSIO FLASH CARTRIDGE. Play games from SD card!

MegaDrive 1/2 with RGB/audio bypass, 50/60hz and lang switch, jailbar fixes and more!

Sega Master System 2 with RGB+audio via DIN8 socket, full re-cap, language switch, 50/60Hz switch (with correct oscillators), jailbar fixes and NTSC colorburst fix



In addition to pre-modded consoles you can also send me your existing console and I’ll mod it or repair faults etc.

See this page for more info:

Advice if using a retro console on modern HDTV

I *strongly* recommend the Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) if you are hooking up your retro console to a flatscreen HDMI TV. Most TVs treat progressive 240p as 480i and add extra frames of input lag. The OSSC is a zero-lag upscaler and properly converts both 240p and 480i sources (or their PAL equivalents). Available to buy from this retailer: (I do not run the VGP site!)

With a decently optimized RGB output and proper calibration on your OSSC, you’ll see the raw pixels of the output from your console. Genesis/Megadrive games will look like what you’d see in an emulator (where the video output is all digital), except on real hardware! I’m a huge videophile (and audiophile) so I want the absolute best for my customers.

RGB SCART cables that I sell

For reasons of cost efficiency, I compromise and provide cheaper unshielded RGB SCART cables. Even with these, the quality will still be excellent. The alternative is that I bundle the more expensive shielded cables and charge more for the consoles… that is unacceptable to me, as I like to keep these consoles affordable.

If you want the absolute best RGB SCART cable for video/audio, I strongly encourage that you purchase a fully shielded RGB SCART cable. Shielding protects from noise/interference.

I recommend these two suppliers of fully shielded cables:

HD Retro Vision (USA seller)

Retro Gaming Cables (UK seller)

A good mitigation when using unshielded cabling is to make sure only CSync runs through the cable and that audio lines are split off through another port on the console (my sega consoles do this. No audio is sent to the multi-out at all!). This will satisfy the vast majority of people in terms of quality and still preserve the original gaming experience. (I can also install a breakout 3.5mm stereo jack on my PS1s if you wish. The PS2 has digital audio output on it which you can use)

Why buy from Minifree? Why not other modders?

I am an experienced and highly competent modder. I care deeply about the quality of my work. I take the extra time and go the extra mile to ensure that the products I sell are rock solid. This is why I’m slightly more expensive than my competition (most notably eBay sellers). I only use the best material and equipment: AOYUE 2703A solder+desolder+hotair repair station, 99% IPA for cleaning boards, high quality 60/40 solder, various solder/desolder/hotair tips, flux etc. You can see videos of my modwork on my YouTube channel! I have an entire lab dedicated to doing this work, alongside the usual Libreboot laptops.

Unlike some other people (again most notably eBay sellers) I won’t run off with your money. If you are at all dissatisfied in any way whatsoever, I will refund you within 30 days of your purchase. I also offer free repairs / parts replacement within a 2 year warranty purchase from the day you receive your item as per tracking via UPS. I want to put retrogaming into the hands of common people as much as possible, making it as easy as possible. As such, I try to provide the best customer service I can (and I work very hard in the lab).

If you don’t like me for some reason, here are some other modders that I strongly recommend: in the USA is an excellent modder. VGP ( in Ireland also does a good job with its console mods. I don’t know much about others. Don’t buy consoles from ebay! ebay modders are *shit*, it’s mostly teenagers or shiesters who just want your money and don’t care about the quality of the work they do. (fun fact, I regularly buy RGB bypass boards for sega consoles from voultar, via VGP)