Alternative keyboard layout


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Price displayed is in US dollars.

On any laptop supplied by Minifree, a British (UK Qwerty) keyboard layout is provided by default.

If you wish for a different keyboard layout, purchase this option. Specify, in the textbox on the checkout page, what keyboard layout you would prefer. E.g. USA keyboard

If necessary, we will buy a keyboard for you with that layout. Otherwise, we will simply install it if available. If we don’t have the keyboard in stock, and we have to order it, this will add a few days delay to your order.

If you’re unsure, please email us before you order, and ask whether we have a given keyboard layout in stock. For example:
USA keyboard, Japanese, German, etc

If you’re ordering several laptops, and wish a different keyboard layout on each, please also purchase this option at the corresponding quantity. E.g. order 2 of this product, if you’re ordering 2 laptops.

You can also purchase this product separately, if you wish.