Chip flashing service for Libreboot D8/D16




Send your flash chip from the ASUS KGPE-D16 or KCMA-D8, to Minifree. We’ll flash the latest version of Libreboot on it for you. Send only the chip, not the whole board/server/workstation.

Then when you receive it back, stick it back in your D8/D16 and boot into freedom!

The chips on these motherboards can be easily be removed. See: or you could use very carefully a set of pliers to remove the chip (careful, because it’s stiff the first time).

Price is per chip. If you want lots of chips flashed, email us for a customized price.

Along with the re-flashed chip, Minifree will also provide Libreboot source code on storage media (could be a USB drive, microSD card, whatever we have available to use for this purpose). On the drive will also be a dump of the original BIOS (we’ll dump the chip contents to a ROM file before re-flashing it with Libreboot).


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