MegaDrive 1/2 with RGB/audio bypass, 50/60hz and lang switch, jailbar fixes and more!


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Play all your childhood games in the highest possible quality. My consoles function better than they did when they were manufactured! I, Leah Rowe, am deeply passionate about retro games and I want to bring you the best possible quality. See below for more specific technical information.

NOTE: In the USA, the megadrive is called the Genesis. Genesis games are compatible with my Megadrives.

NOTE: For sales purposes, I do not distinguish between model I and II megadrives. I ship either one randomly. If you have a preference for one versus the other, please mention it in the textbox on the checkout page. In addition to the mods below, if it’s a MegaDrive2 I install a breakout 3.5mm stereo jack for audio, which splits off from the multi-out.

This is the classic 16-bit Sega MegaDrive videogame system (known as Sega Genesis in the US), refurbished to full operational order (and fully cleaned). Additionally, certain fixes/tweaks have been made so as to optimize it for maximum possible picture/sound quality on a modern HDTV (It is not HD. This will still work on an old CRT TV, the ones that weigh a ton. However, it is optimized for the upscaler on modern HDTVs). No more manual tuning in to get a good picture (SCART cable is provided)! You will see vivid pixels, in full colour, that are sharp and not blurry.

Enhancements have been made, such as the ability to play American/European/Japanese games region-free with perfect compatibility. An overclock switch is installed, for games like Sonic that have slowdowns. – Voultar’s RGB bypass board is installed, for best possible jailbar-free picture quality. FireBrandX’s M1 Mini Mega is installed, for best possible audio quality.

MegaDrive2 has Triple Bypass instead of the voultar/firebrandx boards. Triple Bypass combines those two mods together.

Full documentation is provided with all orders, with simple instructions so that you can go in-game immediately! Additionally, a full 2-year warranty is provided.

Power adapter, RGB SCART cable (for the TV) and joypad included (3 button joypad).

NOTE: Overclock not available on MegaDrive2 at the moment, because the one that I have in stock is a VA4 model which doesn’t support this.

Switches provided are as follows (also see pic):

  • 50/60Hz selection (53.69mhz clock is installed for correct NTSC speeds)
  • Japanese/English language selection
  • Halt switch (set to Halt state when adjusting CPU speed in-game)
  • m68k 7.5/10 mhz clock selection (enables or disables the CPU overclock)

WARNING1: Installing the RGB Bypass board removes the Composite Video output

WARNING2: Included power adapter is for 240V wall sockets (e.g. European and many asian countries). For 110V countries like USA/Japan/Canada etc, you can purchase a replacement power adapter online. I recommend only the official Sega power adapter. Make sure to buy a Genesis 2 one, not a Genesis 1 power adapter!

The RGB Bypass board removes the majority of jailbars on the screen, which means that the picture quality will be extremely sharp on modern HDTVs or upscalers.


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