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Minifree is proud to now offer fully libre router hardware, alongside our usual libre laptops. Works in any country: a suitable plug adapter will be provided, and the wifi channel is configurable in case your country prohibits use of certain channels.

This is the Netgear WNDR3800, but it has a libre uboot and libreCMC preinstalled, making it a fully FSF-endorsable libre router. Minifree is sending a sample to the FSF for RYF evaluation. This product is currently build-to-order. As of 5 October 2018, we are waiting on a shipment of WNDR3800’s to arrive which Minifree has ordered. We expect to have them in stock by around 15-18 October, so currently this is a pre-order product.

Information about libreCMC can be found here: https://librecmc.org/ – libreCMC is a libre fork of OpenWRT. It’s a busybox+linux distribution for embedded hardware that powers various routers.

Did you know that most routers on the market today come with backdoors implanted by NSA and other 3-letter agencies, by the router manufacturers? Most routers on the market run on non-free software that violates your privacy and freedoms. Since the Snowden revelations, we know that most computer products contain backdoors or have insecure software with exploitable bugs. Manufacturers intentionally insert insecure backdoors for profit, putting your company at risk of data theft, corporate espionage or worse. The Libre WNDR3800 from Minifree changes that!

The Minifree Libre WNDR3800 is a business-grade, secure owner-controlled router that safeguards your privacy, security and freedom. With an Atheros AR7161 SoC, sporting 128MiB RAM and 16MiB of flash storage, Gigabit LAN switch built-in (4 ports), fully 802.11n compliant AR9223 wifi chipset, USB port – and more – the WNDR3800 is perfect for your home or small business.

Info about performance: according to Netgear, it can support up to 600Mbps on wifi, though this depends on your wifi chipset in whichever system you’re using to connect. The WAN (ethernet) interface can handle up to 300Mbps (tested in iperf by Minifree) and the internal LAN (ethernet) switch on the router can handle 1Gbps speeds. Most people have 100Mbps or lower internet speeds, making this router more than fast enough for most people. The LAN switch is unmanaged and can function as a regular switch, if you wish it (no need for an external 1Gbps switch).

The benefit to libreCMC is that it can be configured to be more than just a standard router. With this hardware, you could also (for example) connect an external USB HDD and set up a NAS, or for instance connect a 3G/4G dongle and configure that.

Ordinarily, this router is suited for VDSL/ADSL connections (via external modem provided by your ISP) or cable/docsis connections (via external modem provided by your ISP). Minifree does not provide modems, only the router. If you currently use a combined router+modem, on most of them you can configure it in a ‘bridge mode’ to be used as a modem, where you then use your own router e.g. libreCMC router.

However, libreCMC provides many different types of ISP configurations. The most common one is PPPoE, which can be used on any ONT (optic network terminal, for fibre connections) or via an external VDSL/ADSL modem. Or if you’re running this as a secondary router, libreCMC provides an option to configure static IP address, aswell as many other types of configs.

IPv6 support: the latest version of libreCMC has support for IPv6.

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