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This is the Netgear WNDR3800, but it has a libre uboot and libreCMC (OpenWRT fork) preinstalled. This is targeted at individuals who wish to have full control over their digital security and privacy. It comes with 100% Free Software. Unlike most other routers on the market, this is a completely unrestricted device, free of backdoors. It’s a completely FSF-endorseable router: in fact, Minifree has sent the FSF a router for RYF evaluation. We are confident that this will succeed, and our laptops are already endorsed.

It supports up to 300Mbps on the WAN port (tested by Minifree in iperf), so it can be easily used on high-speed cable/fibre connections. This router should be suitable for anyone, even heavy torrent users or for people who like to stream HD videos over WiFi. It supports many advanced features that most other routers don’t support, such as VPN. It comes with a dual band wifi chipset, so it supports fast 802.11n wifi speeds (up to 600Mbps according to Netgear, though on the WAN side this is limited to 300Mbps). The internal LAN switch can handle 1Gbps speeds.

If you require a bulk purchase (at least 5 routers), we can offer a lower price. Email us for more info.

Shipping worldwide via UPS! 2-5 day shipping to most of the world (we will ship to any country on Earth). All router purchases come with a generous 2 year warranty. Price is in EUR (we sell a lot to EU customers), but you can pay in any currency (use for currency exchange rates).

NOTE: modem not built in. You must have an external modem (VDSL, ADSL, cable or fibre ONT). You connect to that via cat5e cable and talk to your ISP over (usually, for most people) PPPoE. If your current router has a modem built in, it might have an option on it to enable a “bridge” mode where it only acts as a modem, and then you use your own router (such as the WNDR3800)


  • Automatic wifi channel selection. LibreCMC will avoid busy channels, to improve performance.
  • Dual band operation, ensuring the best possible speeds.
  • Four internal 1Gbps LAN ports
  • QoS built in and enabled by default. This prioritizes bandwidth for video streaming and VoIP during heavy internet bandwidth usage


  • Guest network: Possible to create a segregated network for guests, thus improving security
  • Supports all standard security protocols such as WPA2-PSK
  • Built-in DoS mitigations
  • Built-in firewall (iptables+ip6tables), secure by default
  • and more!

Advanced features

  • Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, making this router compatible almost anywhere
  • Ability to manually set which channel to use, for jurisdictions which regulate this (e.g. China)
  • Possible to create more than 1 wifi network (multiple SSIDs). Useful for segregating networks
  • Built-in advanced monitoring tools allow for traffic analysis: including protocols used, ports/IPs being connected to, bandwidth usage, and more
  • SSH! It is possible to SSH the router, into a busybox shell, where you can also have access to full power of the Linux kernel. Ever wanted to hack config files on your router in Vim? With libreCMC you can 🙂
  • And (way) more. E.g. libreCMC can be used as a VPN client, for L2TP, etc and can also do stuff like NAS and so on
  • libreCMC is really nifty

Standards supported

  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • 802.11 a/n 5GHz
  • 1 WAN slot (so, 1 ISP connection) and 4 LAN slots (ethernet)
  • libreCMC fully supports IPv6 and IPv4 in dual stack operation

Hardware info

  • 680MHz MIPS 32-bit CPU (Atheros AR7161 rev2 SoC)
  • 16MiB flash (OS and applications, also bootloader) and 128MiB of RAM
  • Supports WMM based QoS, for wifi operation
  • AR9220 + AR9223 wifi chipsets (Atheros)

Dimensions: 223 x 153 x 31 mm (8.8 x 6.0 x 1.2 in)

Weight: 0.5 kg (1.2 lb)

IPv6 support: the latest version of libreCMC has support for IPv6.

Living in the UK? Minifree highly recommends AAISP for all your internet needs 🙂 High quality customer service, IPv4 and IPv6 by default, IRC based tech support, high quality of service. No censorship. Nothing else compares.

The router that you receive will be the WNDR3800 or WNDR3800-1CHNAS. Both are virtually identical, and compatible with libreCMC.


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