. OpenWRT/libreCMC flashing service


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If you have a router that is compatible with the libre OpenWRT or libreCMC firmware, send it to Minifree and it’ll be flashed with libre firmware! Then you will have a router with OpenWRT or libreCMC preinstalled!

We recommend the libreCMC firmware, which is an FSF-endorsed fork of OpenWRT. It only supports routers which can run with entirely libre firmware:

libreCMC has a list of compatible router hardware on their website.

However, we will also flash any router you send us, so long as it’s compatible with OpenWRT:

OpenWRT and libreCMC are GNU+Linux distros (well, BusyBox+Linux) distros for router hardware.

NOTE: Even for non-libreCMC supported routers, it’s possible to run with entirely libre software in a lot of use-cases. For instance, if you don’t need wifi, it’s very possible on a whole range of hardware (usually, it’s just the wifi that’s non-free on non-libreCMC-supported hardware) NOTE2: However, not all routers have free bootloader (all libreCMC supported devices have free bootloaders)