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Custom keyboard layouts for Libreboot X200 and Libreboot T400. Also X200 Tablet.

By default, we ship UK layout on all of our laptops (UK layout costs 0 EUR). With this new product, we guarantee your requested custom layout besides UK.

For a native ThinkPad keyboard, the price is 50 EUR. It is often expensive to source these online, hence the price.

If you still wish to have an alternative keyboard layout but for a lower price, we can also provide alternative layouts using stickers. These stickers go on top of the keys of the original keyboard, providing the desired layout.

If your layout is not on our list, then choose “Other” and specify it in the textbox on the checkout page, and we will source it for you.

In addition to the usual layouts, we also provide Dvorak layout (stickers only).

You need JavaScript on this website. The JavaScript is all free (see /licenses/); if GNU LibreJS complains, it’s just that we haven’t optimized the site for that software yet. Please enable JavaScript! Alternatively: If you wish to order without JavaScript enabled, then send email to info@gluglug.org.uk and ask about what product you want: supply your name,
shipping address, billing address, company name (optionally), EU VAT number (optional), telephone number (needed for UPS shipment),
email address, etc and info about what you want, and we will send an invoice with payment instructions in PDF format.


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