PS2 (phat or slim model) with modbo4 modchip pre-installed (+picfix if v12 slim model). Boot games burned to CD-R/DVD-R region-free!


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Each console comes with 1 controller, 1 memory card, 1 RGB SCART cable and 1 power lead/adapter.

NOTE: PS2 is backward-compatible with PS1 games, but compatibility is not perfect and certain enhancements that I do to PS1 consoles are not done on PS2, such as the oscillator fix. Sometimes NTSC PS1 games will run in PAL mode for instance. If you wish to also play PS1 games, I strongly recommend that you also purchase one of my modded PS1s: see

This is the classic Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). It has thousands of excellent games and it’s by far my favourite console.

For sales purposes, I do not distinguish between the phat/slim models of PS2. You will receive either one. If you have a specific preference for one versus the other, please let me know when ordering (mention it in the textbox on the checkout page).

It needs no further introduction… it’s the console you all know and love. I’ve done the following to it:

  • Installed a modbo4 modchip. This is a clone of the original Matrix Infinity modchip, with all of the same features
  • General refurbishing: I clean the DVD/CD laser with 99% IPA and, if necessary, adjust the trimpot for the CD/DVD lasers to get discs reading again like new
  • I ensure that the consoles are in excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally. I want as near to factory condition as possible (with the exception that now a modchip is installed).

See here for a video showing how I do these mods:

If you wish it, I can also install FMCB (FreeMCBoot) to the memory card. This enables to run software from the memory card. The most popular use-case for this is Open PS2 Loader (you can find it on github) that lets you boot PS2 games from a hard drive, USB stick or via the network adapter (with PS2 operating as an SMB client, and you will host the games on a local Samba server)

If you wish it, I can replace Composite Video and/or Luma with attenuated Composite Sync.

The PS2 mods are done by me (Leah Rowe) in my lab. I use only the best equipment and materials and I’m quite competent. See the product pics for examples of my PS2 modwork.


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