Sega Master System 2 with RGB+audio via DIN8 socket, full re-cap, language switch, 50/60Hz switch (with correct oscillators), jailbar fixes and NTSC colorburst fix


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Play all your childhood games in the highest possible quality. My consoles function better than they did when they were manufactured! I, Leah Rowe, am deeply passionate about retro games and I want to bring you the best possible quality. See below for more specific technical information.

This is the classic 8-bit Sega Master System II videogame system, refurbished to full operational order (and fully cleaned). Additionally, certain fixes/tweaks have been made so as to optimize it for maximum possible picture/sound quality on a modern HDTV (It is not HD. This will still work on an old CRT TV, the ones that weigh a ton. However, it is optimized for the upscaler on modern HDTVs). No more manual tuning in to get a good picture (SCART cable is provided)! You will see vivid pixels, in full colour, that are sharp and not blurry.

Enhancements have been made, such as the ability to play American/European/Japanese games region-free with perfect compatibility. Also, pause button added to the supplied controller pad! The pause button on the console is now a reset button.

Full documentation is provided with all orders, with simple instructions so that you can go in-game immediately! Additionally, a full 2-year warranty is provided.

Here you can see a video of exactly how I do all these mods:

Power adapter, RGB SCART cable (for the TV) and joypad included (modified MegaDrive controller). 2nd joypad available for 30 GBP +UKVAT

WARNING: Included PSU is external AC-DC power brick designed for 240V wall sockets (it is a linear PSU). However, the console’s power jack is a DC input. You can purchase a PSU designed for 120v online (e.g. ebay) if you live in USA/Japan/etc that uses 120v wall sockets.

Technical specifications:

50/60Hz switch installed. RGB+CSYNC supplied to an installed DIN8 socked (replaces the RF module) for perfect picture quality. RGB bypass is not necessary on this console as it is simply a matter of re-routing the Z80 clock and colorburst signals, aswell as partially re-routing the RGB+sync signals from the VDP (also: power filter caps are installed on the VDP). 53.69mhz crystal installed for correct NTSC timings. The 50/60Hz switch is double-throw double-pole and also switches whether the PAL 53.2mhz or NTSC 53.69mhz crystal is used. Japanese/English language switch installed (a few games can make use of this).

Power adapter, RGB SCART cable and joypad included. The joypad is a MegaDrive controller with the internal microcontroller and resistors/caps removed. Instead, the relevant pins
are wired to the correct buttons directly so as to be fully compatible with the Master System (this fixes Wonder Boy in Wonder Land, which is incompatible with standard MegaDrive controllers).
The *Pause* button is mapped to the TH pin in the Master System. The Master System’s TH pin has its trace cut and is instead wired to the pause function (the pause button on the Master System
has been re-wired to be a reset button, connecting to pin 33 on the PSG).
In my opinion, MegaDrive controllers are the best way to enjoy Master System games!

Re-using the TH pin in this manner breaks compatibility with light-gun games like Operation Wolf. If you wish it, I can install switches
to determine whether the original circuit is used, or to use Pause function instead!

The joypad is wired this way:A and B are both A. C is B. Pause is Pause. DPAD works as expected.

2 year warranty provided

Optional (150 GBP extra: includes parts+labour cost):
I can also install install the FM Synthesizer board by Tim Worthington. Some SMS games support
enhanced audio. Japanese Master Systems have this built-in, but European/American ones do not.
I can install this, for a fee. More info about it is here:
– NOTE: This will delay your order, as I have to order the FM board and then install it. It comes from Australia and takes a while to reach me in the UK.

All electrolytic capacitors are fully replaced. This extends the lifetime of the system; I estimate up to 10 years at least. A 2 year warranty is provided on all orders.

I spend a good 10 hours on each system: 2 for the actual modwork, and 8 for rigorous testing. Testing method is: my roommate speedruns various games or tries to beat her highscore on Streets of Rage.

Switches provided are as follows (also see pic):

  • 50/60Hz selection
  • Japanese/English language selection
  • PAL/NTSC colorburst switch (for Composite Video)
  • Colorburst enable/disable switch (disabled reduces noise on RGB)
  • On/off switch for audio on the DIN8 (a breakout headphone jack is also installed)

Composite Video is also supplied to the DIN8. It has separate pins for CVBS/CSYNC. Since the default Sony CXA1145 video encoder is used, this is totally feasible and it means that in countries like USA (where most TVs do not support RGB SCART) the console is more usable on most televisions.

Jailbar fixes performed are as follows:

  • Redirect the colorburst and Z80 clock signals so that they no longer run alongside the RGB lines from the VDP.
  • Cut the RGB+sync pins on the VDP, but still re-connect them to their original points. This reduces the amount of noise from the board leaking into the signals.
  • 4.7uF power filter capacitors installed on the 5V inputs going into the VDP and video encoder chip


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