US keyboard layout




*This product does not ship as a standalone product. Please only order this alongside a laptop, multiplied by the number of laptops purchased.*

By default, Minifree ships laptops with UK (British) keyboard layout *at zero extra cost*. The USA layout has minor differences e.g. different shaped return key, “/@ being swapped, the symbol above 3 being # on US and £ on UK.

The vast majority of Americans and Canadians will probably be happy with the British layout. Minifree has sold laptops to thousands of North American customers over the years.

However, a few of our North American customers do still request US layout. It is also popular in the Netherlands, and a few other places.

This upgrade is applicable to any laptop provided by Minifree, such as X230, T440p, X220, X220 Tablet, X230 Tablet or other special-requested laptops that customers may purchase. US keyboards are easily available to Minifree, for all ThinkPads.

*If you wish to receive UK layout, then you do not need to purchase this add-on.*

Other layouts (e.g. French/German): please ask about this when you order a laptop.