server migration 27 september 2018

Leah Rowe here, sysadmin of… reporting in has recently moved to a new server (new server is a libreboot system!). it has been tested, and emails are correctly sent out when customers place orders: however, I ask that new customers from September 27th onwards tell me whether the site emailed them their order info and payment instructions, after placing your order. see contact page. i’m pretty sure everything works, just doing some final testing. this notice will be removed from the site in a few days (don’t let this notice scare you. the site works 🙂 you can place your order. on the off chance that the site doesn’t email you, the confirmation page at the end of the ordering process will have all the same info too

The reason for the server move is because minifree’s old hosting provider was putting anti-tor measures on the site without our permission. I obviously wasn’t having any of it! So now the site is on a dedicated system, under minifree’s control. Tor users can now access (.onion site coming soon!). also the hostname of the system hosting is really cool: do a ping of and you will see that the rDNS entry for the IPv4 and IPv6 address is

I’ve been planning this server migration for ages anyway, since I wanted to bring hosting in-house. The hosting provider blocking Tor just prompted me to do it sooner. Now the site is hosted on my own network, and on libre hardware too!