GNU+Linux+Libreboot laptops

Minifree provides secure, privacy-respecting computers with 100% free (as in freedom) Libreboot BIOS replacement and GNU+Linux operating system, certified by the FSF. Shipping worldwide! Minifree will ship to any country on Earth. Learn more (shipping costs are here) Payments are accepted by wire transfer (SEPA/SWIFT/BACS/ACH etc), bitcoin or moneygram. if moneygram, email me your order number and the tracking ID for the money you’ve sent and make SURE to address the money to Leah Rowe, Minifree Ltd, 19 Hilton Road, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 9QA, UK

UPDATE! I can now ship again. I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t ship anything… now I have lots of income again so I’m working on shipping all unshipped orders. I’m very sorry to keep you all waiting!

Do you know that you have rights? The benefit of these systems is that they don’t spy on you or restrict your activities. These are machines that you 100% own and control. There are zero backdoors. We respect your right to privacy and freedom.

In addition to the usual Libreboot laptops, Minifree now also sells refurbished retro gaming systems with copy protection removed, optimized for modern HDTVs/upscalers.

Due to current cashflow issues and to keep work to a minimum, the laptops are currently only available with 4G RAM and 250G HDD

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Showing all 22 results