GNU+Linux+Libreboot laptops

Minifree provides secure, privacy-respecting computers with 100% free (as in freedom) Libreboot BIOS replacement and GNU+Linux operating system, certified by the FSF. Shipping worldwide! Minifree will ship to any country on Earth. Learn more (shipping costs are here)

I, Leah Rowe, as of Friday 6 September 2019, have finished setting up my new lab. I’m sorry for delaying shipments this week. My worker quit so I had to move stock back to my own lab; it took me a week to set it up. Here are some pictures of my new lab

Do you know that you have rights? The benefit of these systems is that they don’t spy on you or restrict your activities. These are machines that you 100% own and control. There are zero backdoors. We respect your right to privacy and freedom.

Good news! 160GB HDD option is now 250GB. X200 Tablet prices reduced! X200 prices *also* reduced! Docking station with CD/DVD drive now included for free with all X200/X200 Tablet orders.

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Showing all 19 results