Delivery and Return Policy

Quality and customer service is extremely important to Minifree.

Once the payment is received for your order, Minifree usually ships immediately on the same day, unless requested otherwise. If the payment is received later in the evening (UK time), then the order would ship the next day instead. For USA and Canada we use 2 business-day shipping (next business day shipping available on request) with UPS; technically it’s 2-5 business days, but it’s usually 2 in practise. For Europe and other destinations, we use a 2-5 business day delivery service with UPS. For UK customers, we always use UPS next working day delivery. Shipping times may vary due to other conditions which Minifree cannot control, so this best-effort.

Once a product is shipped, the customer will receive an email with a tracking number and the name of the delivery company used.

If you have placed an order, and it does not ship within 10 business days from the date of placing the order and/or you have not yet received the purchased product, you are entitled to a full refund (otherwise, your order will be shipped and delivered as quickly as possible).

2 year warranty

If what you ordered develops a fault or is dead on arrival, you can return it within 2 years from the date of ordering, and receive a full refund once the product arrives at Minifree’s business premises. Alternatively, if you prefer, Minifree will perform all necessary repairs and send it back to you (or send the necessary replacement parts). Please advise before sending, placing a note inside the package with your name and original order details. If requested, Minifree will also reimburse your shipping fees for returning the product, up to a maximum of €30 EUR or the value on your receipt from the delivery company, whichever is lower. Beyond this period, Minifree may still provide support with or without charge, decided pragmatically on a case by case basis.

Regardless of whether the product is faulty, dead on arrival, has been shipped or even delivered, you can also cancel your order within 14 days from the date of placing the order, and receive a full refund. If the product is or has been delivered to you, then you must return it to Minifree. If the product is still in transit (shipped by Minifree) and has not yet been delivered to you, then Minifree will instruct the courier (e.g. UPS) to cancel and reverse the shipment; in some cases, the product may still be delivered to you if the driver doesn’t receive the notification in time.

If there was a delay in shipping, and/or a delay in payment (e.g. clearance for bank transfer payment), then the 2 year period above will be extended according to the duration of the delay.

Non-EU shipping addresses: there may be a small import fee, which is determined by the government in that location. The customer is responsible for all import fees. The fee is usually a small percentage of the total value of the purchased product(s) (i.e. how much you paid for it), typically charged by the delivery company before delivering the package. This fee is usually equivalent to VAT or sales tax in most countries, at that countries local rates. For example, sales tax in most parts of the US is around 6 or 7%. In Switzerland, VAT is about 8%.