Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping costs?


What is the difference between X200 and T400?

T400 has a bigger screen.

T400 has the same CPU and GPU, but a bigger heatsink and fan. This means that the cooling is better. The T400 will run at a lower temperature by virtue of the heatsink alone, which means that the fan will need to spin much less than on the X200. This results in lower power usage, therefore higher battery life. However, the bigger screen results in higher power usage. So the T400 will only (overall) use slightly more power than the X200 (screen and fan is the most power demanding)

T400 has a firewire slot on it. It also has cardbus and expresscard (X200 only has expresscard) slots on the side of the laptop.

The T400 has a 2nd SATA slot built in, which can fit a DVD drive or HDD/SSD. The X200 only has 1 SATA slot (it has a 2nd SATA slot if you add the docking station to it).

The T400 and X200 are both compatible in terms of coreboot support, but they are made by different ODMs so the internal circuitry differs a little bit (but they’re both made from the same reference design).

Some (not all) T400s have an ATI GPU on it, in addition to Intel. However, this ATI GPU is unsupported in Libreboot so it’s disabled and the Intel GPU is used instead (same Intel GPU as on the X200).

The T400 has a slightly larger keyboard than the X200.

Obviously, the T400 is slightly heavier than the X200.

What happened to the Libreboot D16?

See: This is a new, high-end workstation and server product which comes with entirely free boot firmware, similar to Libreboot.

The TALOS II is vastly superior to the Libreboot D16, not just because of performance, but also this one crucial reason:

Raptor Engineering is the first company on earth to attempt to become a libre OEM, manufacturing hardware and preinstalling libre software (including boot firmware) straight from the factory.

For the sake of the free software community, we have decided to discontinue the Libreboot D16.

What payment methods do you accept??

Wire transfer. When you place an order, you will receive an invoice afterwards, containing wiring instructions. For historical context, refer to our PayPal hate page.

Nowadays we also accept bitcoin and cash, if you prefer that.

What about warranty and shipping times?

See delivery and return policy

What’s the username and password?

On all laptops shipped by Minifree, the default username is user and the password is password

You must change at least the password immediately, because this is generic and not secure, used on every Minifree laptop that is shipped.

What is Libreboot?

Libreboot is a free BIOS replacement, for core hardware initialization. It starts a bootloader, when will then boot your operating system. See for more information.

You can also find libreboot-specific technical support from that website.

What if I brick my laptop when updating libreboot?

Instructions are available on the libreboot website, for updating when new versions are released. Although the instructions are meticulously well-written, with the aim to reduce mistakes by newbies, accidents can still happen.

If you brick your Minifree laptop when updating libreboot, Minifree will unbrick it for free if you send it back to us. Even if your warranty has expired!

Why Minifree?

It’s a reference to Orwell’s 1984 novel. In the world depicted by that novel, “freedom” is a banned word. So, in that world, “Minifree” could never exist.

It’s a very amusing name.