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If you want D8/D16 flashed, then use the chip flashing service instead!

This does not cover the X200 Tablet, which has a higher labour cost. For X200 Tablet, order the installation service twice (quantity 2). This also applies to the X200S. (for regular X200, the default 50 EUR is OK)

Libreboot is a free BIOS/UEFI replacement, offering faster boot speeds, better security and many advanced features compared to most proprietary boot firmware. Learn more on the libreboot website.

This service is available on all systems supported by libreboot, for laptops, desktops and servers (but not KFSN4-DRE) that are supported. The list is available here:

Alternatively, if you don’t have the hardware and want Minifree to source it for you, that is also possible (for an additional fee, to be agreed upon between you and Minifree, based on the cost of the hardware). For systems that we already sell, check the homepage.

Ship your libreboot-compatible system to the address on the contact page, and it will be returned to you with Libreboot installed along with the libreboot source code. An 802.11n Atheros AR5B95 wifi adapter will also be installed (for libreboot laptops) to replace the non-free Intel wifi chip, as part of the service and at at no additional cost (the AR5B95 uses the ath9k kernel driver, and works without any binary blobs).

This service is sold in order to raise funding for the Libreboot project. Libreboot stickers are also available to purchase.

For an additional price, we can also provide certain hardware- and software-based security enhancements. If you are interested in this, see:

The system that you supply will also be refurbished as much as feasibly possible, to improve the physical and functional condition. For example, new thermal paste will be applied (Arctic MX-4, one of the best), checking for damage and replacing parts where necessary.

Shipping worldwide via UPS! 2-5 day shipping to most of the world (we will ship to any country on Earth); Non-EU customers: please ask before sending, for the correct details to declare on the customs form. The prices on this page are in EUR. Use currency converter to check current exchange rates. Minifree provides invoices in EUR by default, but if you need another currency, check exchange rates on and pay the converted amount in the new currency.

Minifree’s founder is also the main libreboot developer (and founder of the project). Profits from Minifree sales directly fund the libreboot project. If you want to pay more (plus UK VAT, if applicable), you can request this in a custom notes textbox at checkout and Minifree will add the extra amount to the invoice. Proceeds go towards paying for new development work that benefits the libreboot project.

When new libreboot versions are released, it is possible to update to those newer versions using software (no disassembling required). Full instructions are provided. Laptops flashed with libreboot using this service cannot be reverted back to the original proprietary boot firmware that libreboot replaced.

If requested, Debian GNU+Linux (Debian Stretch, with the MATE desktop) will be installed at no additional cost onto the HDD or SSD provided by the customer, with the Debian sources included on the main storage device.

The customer must arrange their own shipping to Minifree. However, Minifree will handle the shipping back to the customer, once the system is fully configured with libreboot.