Shipping costs

To know how international shipping is handled, click here!

Minifree ships *worldwide*. Our laptops have reached many people, in many corners of the earth.

Shipping costs are as follows, for laptops (prices in US dollars):

United Kingdom (ETA 1-2 business day)
$15 USD

USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland (ETA 2-5 business days)
$60 USD

Mexico, Chile, Brazil and other South American countries (ETA 5-10 business days)
$100 USD

Rest of the world (ETA 5-10 business days)
$80 USD

European Union

Minifree will gladly sell to European customers.

You can get a UK shipping address using and we will ship to that address, from our lab in the UK. Forwardvia will then forward it to your address in the EU. We do not directly ship to the European union, but Forwardvia is an extremely reliable service.

We are looking for viable ways of directly shipping to EU addresses again. For example, warehouse space in Germany and then a separate webshop just for European customers. Complications from Brexit means that we currently cannot ship directly into the EU.

If you’re a VAT registered business in the EU, and you have an EORI number, you can order with direct shipping, but not through the website. Please email for details, and say what you would like to order. An invoice will be emailed to you, with payment instructions.

Northern Ireland

We cannot ship to Northern Ireland at the moment. British companies must now have a special Northern Ireland tax number, similar to an EORI number. We have an EORI number, but not the special NI one.

If you are from Northern Ireland, we currently cannot ship to you. This is due to a deal that the UK made with the EU, during Brexit negotiations. The relevant agreement is: Northern Ireland protocol. Minifree will resume sales to Northern Ireland as soon as is feasible.