Shipping costs

To know how international shipping is handled, click here!

Minifree ships *worldwide*. Our laptops have reached many people, in many corners of the earth. Minifree only uses high quality courier services. Minifree uses Fedex for most of the world. It may use another courier, depending on location. For UK, Minifree uses DPD almost exclusively (DPD is amazing!)

Minifree ships from the UK, and operates in the UK. There is currently only one store, which trades in USD (US dollars), but plans are on the agenda to create localized web stores in different currencies/languages. If you’re British, simply convert the price using and pay the corresponding amount. EU customers can also use, for converting the USD amount into EUR.

Shipping costs are as follows, for laptops (prices in US dollars):

United Kingdom (ETA 1-3 business days)
$25 USD

European Union (ETA 1-3 business days)
$60 USD

USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland (ETA 1-3 business days)
$80 USD

Most other locations (ETA 2-5 business days)
$100 USD

Mexico, Chile, Brazil and other South American countries (ETA 5-10 business days)
$120 USD

Northern Ireland

Minifree is currently unable to ship to Northern Ireland.