Shipping costs

Free technical support is provided for all customers, via email and IRC, even if your warranty has expired. If you have any questions at all about your machine, I (Leah Rowe) take great pride in my work and I enjoy helping people.

To know how international shipping is handled, click here!

Great care is taken to ensure the quality of each product, custom-built to order. Once shipped, it will be a number of days in transit, depending on location (see below for estimates).

Minifree ships *worldwide*. These laptops have reached many people, in many corners of the earth. Minifree only uses high quality courier services. Minifree uses Fedex or UPS for most of the world. It may use another courier, depending on location.

Shipping costs are as follows, for laptops (prices in British Pounds, £):

United Kingdom, *and* Northern Ireland (ETA 1-3 business days, once shipped)
£20 GBP

European Union (ETA 2-8 business days, once shipped)
£45 GBP

USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland (ETA 2-8 business days, once shipped)
£80 GBP

Other locations (ETA 4-15 business days, once shipped)
£100 GBP

Shipping to European Union

Minifree regularly ships to the EU without issue, from its lab in the UK. The couriers handle the paperwork and pay the tax (VAT) on your behalf, and then they simply contact you to request payment of VAT plus a small filing fee (usually about 20 euros). Minifree Ltd is VAT registered, and has an EORI registration number, so shipments to the EU go smoothly.

Before Brexit, Minifree charged 20% UK VAT to EU customers. Nowadays, Minifree can (and does) charge 0% UK VAT to EU customers, and you pay your own country’s rate of VAT instead. The overall cost is the same compared to what you’d pay if the UK never left the EU. Customs normally takes a few days, and then your laptop arrives safely.

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