Minifree Ltd operates in the UK and is a VAT registered company. See the bottom of every page on this website, for our company information!

Prices on the website are without VAT. This is because most of Minifree’s customers are not in the UK; in such cases, we are allowed to zero-rate the VAT.

If the supplied shipping address is in the UK, 20% VAT will be added during checkout. If you’re a VAT registered business in the UK, please tell us! We will give you a VAT receipt. Give the VAT receipt to your accountant, and your accountant will re-claim the VAT for you, the next time your accountant files a VAT return for your company.

For all shipping locations outside of the UK, we charge 0% UK VAT (which you do pay us, but it’s 0. zero) and you pay your country’s import tax at the border; see which has an explanation of how importation is handled in most countries.

Minifree Ltd is not responsible for your import taxes, if you’re ordering from outside the UK. It is set by your government. Import tax in most countries is the same as local VAT or sales tax (sometimes called purchase tax).