Minifree Ltd, trading as Ministry of Freedom (formerly trading as Gluglug), is a UK supplier shipping worldwide that sells GNU/Linux-libre computers with the libreboot firmware and Trisquel GNU/Linux-libre operating system preinstalled.

Libreboot is a free (libre) and open source BIOS/UEFI replacement, offering faster boots speeds, better security and many advanced features compared to most proprietary boot firmware. Learn more on the libreboot website.

Minifree’s founder is also the main libreboot developer (and founder of the libreboot project). Profits from Minifree sales directly fund the libreboot project. Minifree can be contacted, using the information on the contact page.

Since 14 May 2016, libreboot is also a part of the GNU project.

Minifree exists mainly for 2 reasons: make it easier for people to get computers that respect their freedom and privacy, and, provide funding for the libreboot project. Donations are also made to the Free Software Foundation.

The aim is simple: make it easy to have a computer that was made to run entirely on Free Software at every level, meaning no proprietary software of any kind. That includes the boot firmware, operating system, drivers and applications.

But why? What is this all about? All computer users deserve maximum control (liberty) over the computers that they own; read the Free Software definition (FSD).

Respects Your Freedom (RYF)

RYFThe Ministry of Freedom (previously Gluglug) was the first to ever achieve the Free Software Foundation Respects your Freedom (RYF) certification on a laptop; first with the Libreboot X60, then the Libreboot X200 and then the Libreboot T400. The libreboot project is recognized by the FSF.

With Minifree you get full source code for the boot firmware and operating system, plus documentation. If you want to hack your system, you can; that’s really the whole concept.

You also get updates, so when Minifree makes a substantial change to the libreboot firmware that it ships, you will receive a copy of it along with documentation for how to install it and tweak it to your needs.

Such a service is especially important in this day and age when more and more devices are becoming locked down with anti-features like Restricted Boot, while containing malicious backdoors. Minifree is an escape from that kind of mistreatment.