Second battery for Libreboot X230, W541 or T440p




*This is not a standalone product. Please only purchase it alongside a laptop.*

If you’re purchasing any laptop from Minifree, you can add this product option to your cart and you will receive an additional battery.

If you’re purchasing multiple laptops, and you want each to have a 2nd battery, then you should purchase as many of these as required; for example, buy 2 of this option if you’re buying 2 laptops.

If you want *more* additional batteries for a laptop, then adjust accordingly. For example: if you were buying 1 laptop and wanted 3 batteries, you would buy 2 of this.

Most people would be happy with 1 or 2 batteries.

This product applies to *any* Thinkpad (specifically ThinkPads) that Minifree sells, so the battery received may differ from the photo, which is there as an example for illustration purposes.

This product also applies to *send-ins*. If you’re using the send-in service, you can purchase this option and a battery will be included when your laptop is shipped back; if you’re doing that, you should exclude the battery when sending your machine, because then Minifree will attach this battery to the laptop upon return.

Batteries tested to the same standard as with regular laptop sales.