Noctua fans for Libreboot 9020 SFF/MT


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This is *NOT* a standalone product. Please only purchase it alongside the Libreboot 9020 SFF/MT.

By default, Minifree provides the stock Dell fans, on Libreboot 9020 SFF/MT workstations, to keep costs low. The default fans are OK enough, and will be relatively quiet in most workloads.

If you want a quieter machine on *very high workload* (e.g. 100% CPU usage), the Noctua fans reduce noise levels and are generally higher quality (better performance). Noctua fans run at a lower RPM but have a higher air pressure, hence lower amount of noise (measured in decibels).

Minifree provides these options:

  • upgrade just the CPU fan
  • upgrade the CPU fan and chassis fan
  • upgrade the CPU fan, chassis fan and *PSU* fan

NOTE: Do *not* select the option to upgrade the *PSU* fan, if purchasing 9020 MT with AMD RX 6600, because Minifree installs a better quality power supply to accommodate that, and the new PSU will already have a nice fan in it.

The product/gallery photos show examples of these fans installed, including PSU fans.

To keep prices down, and to reduce cable length (for a cleaner looking installation), Minifree does *not* use cable adapters for the fans. Dell uses a non-standard connector for fans. Minifree re-solders Dell’s own connector to the Noctua fans, double-insulating it (heatshrink over each wire when soldered, and then heatshrink over all the wires at once); photos of this are also shown here.

The photo shows Dell fan (left), versus Noctua fan (right). The connector from the old fan is soldered to the new fan, and properly insulated. See below, and the photos also show the fan connector being soldered (the one shown is 2-wire 60mm for 9020 SFF PSU):

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